Week nine: refreshment


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for coming today. Before we run, let’s think like a runner to win life’s race by talking I for a moment about a key part of any run—the water station. Whether a volunteer at a race hands you a cold cup of water, or you finally reach the bottle you put on the course before you began, that first sip of water is incredibly refreshing.

We enjoy similar kinds of refreshment in other parts of our lives as well. Think of the moment on vacation when your travel is done and you finally settle into your beach chair, or the feeling of taking a Sunday afternoon nap. These moments refresh our souls, and they’re important because refreshment refills us.

The Bible talks about how God refreshes our souls. You’ve probably heard Psalm 23 before. It says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.” God gives us refreshment to revitalize us and restore us. It is one way he gives us life.

When you take your water break today, enjoy the refreshment. Then as you continue, take time to think of other ways God refreshes you. You may want to share one of these with someone you’re running with, or say a silent prayer to thank God for this refreshment.

(Say a brief prayer. After you pray, share any administrative details. Then start the run.)


At the Run

  • Begin talking with runners in the group about whether they’d like to continue after the initial 8-week season is over.

  • Have this conversation with all the runners in your group, but pay special attention to talking with non-church members about this. This is a key step, because it’s a great chance to maintain or even strengthen a runner’s connection to your church.

After the Run

  • Note in your group’s Google doc which runners are interested in continuing the group when the 8-week season is over.

  • If you’ve noticed church members in your group who have really caught the vision for connecting with the community through run clubs, ask them if they’d be interested in leading a run group. If so, pass this person’s name along to your club leader, and invite this person to join you at the post-season group leader meeting.


  • Make sure you have good contact information for runners who are interested in continuing with the run group.

  • Use this opportunity to complete a runner’s profile in your Google doc, with address, phone number and email. This will help you and your church remain connected to this runner after the 8-week season is over.Note how runners in your group experience refreshment, either in your Google doc or in another way. If any runners express similar thoughts, connect them and invite them to share more ways they can follow that pathway of refreshment.