Week three: discipline


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for joining us for this week’s run. Before we take off, let’s take a moment to think like a runner to win life’s race once again. Today we’re going to focus on discipline and how it helps us win as we run and in our lives.

Anyone who has trained for a race knows the importance of a training calendar. Whether you’re working a couch to 5K program, or prepping for an ultramarathon, it’s important to follow the training calendar so you’re ready on race day.

It takes discipline to follow a training calendar like this. You have to follow through on each step of the process. In the Bible, the writer Paul calls this “working at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters.”

It’s important to think of discipline this way, because it’s not a negative thing. Discipline isn’t just correction, and it shouldn’t be drudgery. When we use it right, discipline is actually a powerful tool that helps us grow. That’s true when we follow a training calendar with discipline, and it’s true when we apply discipline to any other area of our lives as well. So we can think of discipline this way: Discipline isn’t drudgery; it’s a tool that fuels us.

How are you doing with your running discipline? How are you doing with discipline in other areas of your life? Maybe you can share ideas with each other as you run.

(Say a brief prayer. After you pray, share any administrative details. Then start the run.)


At the Run

  • Make a note at the run of any new people and which people returned from last week. 

  • Get the contact information for any new people, following the pattern of last week.  

After the Run

  • Update your group's Google doc by adding any new people

  • Add a note by people who returned, so you can begin to track which members of your group are consistent. 

  • Add any other details you learned at this run about any runners.


  • Get help adding details to your Google doc. Ask the other church members in your group to send you notes about conversations they have during the run.

  • You can even give church members access to your group’s Google doc so they can add details directly.

  • Make a note of what runners say about their discipline this week, either in the Google doc or in another way. If there are ways that the needs for discipline fit with resources or programs your church offers, or that other church members participate in somewhere in your community. Make connections where you can.