Week two: Hope


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for joining us for this week’s run. Before we get going, we want to think like a runner to win life’s race. We’re going to do so this week by focusing on hope.

Running is a hopeful act. We run because we hope to get healthy. We run because we hope to beat our personal best. We run because we hope to make new friends in this run club. Hope drives us to run.

(Invite people to answer the question: “What do you hope happens because you’re running?”)

It’s important to realize that hope is not an empty emotion. It drives us and motivates us to act. Like purpose, it helps us start on a new path and continue on that path, even when it’s not easy.

In the Bible, God calls us to hope in an interesting way. There’s a verse in the Psalms that connects hope to being strong and taking heart. In other words, hope in God is a source of strength and a source of encouragement. It’s a powerful force, both for us as runners and in our lives as well.

So as you’re running, think about what you’re hoping to gain from running. And think about what your hopes for your life are. These hopes can motivate you to win at life, and they can give you strength along the way.

As you run today, talk about your hopes with your fellow runners. Just as hope gives us strength, running connected gives us strength. Sharing your hopes is a great way to help them grow stronger in your life.

(Say a brief prayer. After you pray, share any administrative details like the signup sheet. Then start the run.)


At the Run

  • Make a note at the run of any new people and of which people returned from last week. 

  • Get the contact information for any new people, following the patter of last week.  

After the Run

  • Update your group's Google doc by adding any new people

  • Add a note by people who returned, so you can begin to track which members of your group are consistent.

  • Add any other details you learned at this run about any runners. 

  • If a church member whom you didn't recruit has attended both weeks, touch base with that person and briefly share the goals behind the run club. Talk to this person about how he or she can help you reach these goals.


  • Follow up with any new runners, thanking them for joining you and invite them back next week. Offer to answer any questions they may have. 
  • Notice any connections between church members and new connections that are forming. Encourage church members who have started reaching out to and investing in people who are new to activities at your church.
  • Make a note of what runners say about their hope this week, either in the Google doc or in another way. Find ways to support each other in this hope—by finding resources, by praying for each other, by checking in with each other, or in other ways.