Week twelve: celebration


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Today is a day for celebration because it’s the end of our 12-week Connect Run Club season. All of you have accomplished a ton by running connected over the last few months, and a lot of great things have happened from running, and we want to make sure to celebrate all of it. Celebration is a key way we can think like a runner to win life’s race.

We can celebrate two kinds of things: things we accomplish, and things that happen to us beyond our own effort.

We all know what it means to celebrate our accomplishments. Think of the pride you had walking across a stage at graduation, or finishing your first marathon. This kind of celebration is well earned, and it can help fuel us to future accomplishments as well.

We can also celebrate things that happen to us. Think about the celebration of the miracle of the birth of a child, or the celebration that happens when you receive a thoughtful gift. This is the kind of celebration we see frequently in the Bible, as God sets up ways for his people to celebrate what he has done for them.

So it’s a good thing for us to celebrate today. Let’s celebrate the good things that have happened during this Connect Run Club season. <invite responses>

(Say a brief prayer. After you pray, share any administrative details. Then start the run.)


At the Run

  • Before you leave the run, make sure you have contact information for every runner in attendance.

After the Run

  • Make sure you’ve entered all the information you’ve collected over eight weeks into your group’s Google doc.

  • Once you’ve completed this task, contact your club leader to tell him or her that everything is in the system.


  • Make note of where runners are celebrating, either in your Google doc or in another way. Where possible, think of ways where you can join the celebration.

  • Invite church members in your group to find ways to celebrate with other runners as well, even after your group is through.

  • You may choose to send a thank you email, text or call to each runner in your group. This isn’t essential, but it’s a nice touch that can continue to build your relationship with the runners in your group.

  • If you do this, make sure to notice which runners seem to really appreciate this contact. Consider ways you can continue to invest in these relationships even after this season of your run club is over.