Week ten: joy


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the 10th week of our Connect Run Club season. Some of you have been here since the first week, and some of you joined us more recently. Either way, all that we’ve accomplished is a reason for joy. We’re going to focus on joy for a moment as we think like a runner to win life’s race.

The joy of achieving a goal is one of the best things about running. It’s a great feeling to complete a run, and an event better feeling to finish a big race that you spent weeks or months training for. When you cross the finish line, the feeling is more than happiness or satisfaction—it’s a genuine joy.

We see this kind of joy in the Bible in how the disciples reacted when they found out Jesus had risen from the dead. Peter actually ran all the way to the tomb to see for himself. Can you imagine the joy he had when he finished that run?

I hope that you feel joy after you finish our run today. It’s a great accomplishment. If you’ve been with us every week, you’ve demonstrated purpose, discipline, accountability, courage, transformation, endurance and refreshment. Joy celebrates the journey we’ve been on together.

As you run today, think back on the journey you’ve been on in this run club so far. You may want to share a highlight with one of your fellow runners. And as you finish, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after everything we’ve been through together over these eight weeks.

(Say a brief prayer. After you pray, share any administrative details. Then start the run.)


At the Run

  • Before you leave the run, make sure you have contact information for every runner in attendance. 

After the Run

  • Make sure you’ve entered all the information you’ve collected over eight weeks into your group’s Google doc.

  • Once you’ve completed this task, contact your club leader to tell him or her that everything is in the system


  • Make note of what runners say about the joy in their journey with your run club, either in your Google doc or in another way. Where it’s appropriate, thank other runners for the role they’ve played in someone’s joyful experience.

  • Have runners in the group follow up with each other during the week to find out about other things that bring them joy.

  • If runners are not able to identify a place of joy, you may want to follow up with them about to talk about how running toward Jesus is the true source of joy for all of us.