41 - Training with John Bingham

Be sure and check out Part 1 of our interview with John here!

In Part 2 of our interview with John Bingham we dive into how he trained for 50+ marathons.  Learn how to have the proper mindset, the best training tactics and what running has taught John over the years!

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Training tips for the heat.
  • Where John learns from.
  • Training tips to go from a 5K to a half or full marathon.
  • The best way to party after a race.
  • Why the second marathon is harder than the first.
  • The mindset of a runner and what it takes to have the courage to start.
  • How John got involved with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
  • Why Rock ‘n’ Roll has been successful.
  • Who John looks up to and his favorite people to have on stage with him.
  • What running has taught John.
  • What John has coming up next.

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