40 - Slow Running with John Bingham


Have you ever felt bad for walking during a marathon?  This week we talk to the driving force behind the slow running movement and the second running boom, John Bingham.  John is a legendary Runners World contributor and with 50+ marathons completed.   He proves that you don't have to run fast to call yourself a runner.

We Go into More Detail About

  • What John’s life is like and all the great people he gets to meet.
  • John’s background and how he got into running.
  • The origin story of the “penguin”
  • How running changed John’s life.
  • The stories of life change that John has been able to be apart of.
  • John’s first marathon and what he discovered about long distance training.
  • The second and third running boom.
  • The criticism John has received and how he has handled it.
  • John’s favorite races.
  • The best parts of the Chicago Marathon

Links and Resources Mentioned