39 - Crossfit Endurance with Brian MacKenzie


What if I said you could run further and faster with less miles?  This week we interview Brian Mackenzie of Crossfit Endurance who believes just that.  He is redefining what it looks like to train as an endurance athlete.

We Got Into More Detail About

  • How Crossfit and running got connected with Crossfit Endurance.
  • What Crossfit was originally designed to do.
  • Brian’s background in short course swimming and powerlifting.
  • Brian’s introduction into endurance events.
  • Crossfit Endurance and how it launched.
  • Nicholas Romanov and his “evil genius” approach to endurance running.
  • Why running with a heel strike is the most inefficient way possible.
  • What the traditional running community thinks of Brian.
  • Where Brian’s passion comes from.Why pain is always a bad thing.
  • Brian’s advice to Mark on how to train for his next marathon.
  • What Brian is looking forward too next.

Links and Resources Mentioned