35 - Breaking Stereotypes with "The Mirnavator"

Meet Mirna Valerio the self titled "Fat Girl Running".  She is defying  stereotypes and routinely competes in marathons and ultra-marathons at 250 pounds.  Mirna is  a huge motivation and an incredible example that anyone can accomplish the seemingly impossible.  She is also a blast to interview!

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Mirna’s background and how she went from Brooklyn, NY to Rabin County Georgia (Deliverance Country).
  • How Mirna got into running.
  • How a trip to an emergency room brought Mirna back to running and helped her find her life again.
  • How body image affects what type of runner people think Mirna is and how she has overcome it.
  • Mirna’s all girl high school and the confidence she learned in high school that propelled her for the rest of her life.
  • The effect of the Runner’s World feature and the Wall Street Journal article.
  • The legacy Mirna wants to leave on the world.

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