31 - Running USA with Rich Harshbarger

Background Info

  • CEO of Running USA (January 2014)
  • Race Director for the Detroit Free Press Marathon
  • California Bay native
  • Competitive swimmer and fitness runner
  • Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern
  • Journalism degree from University of Kansas
  • VP of Consumer Marketing and Communications for Detroit Media Partnership (oversaw Metro Detroit, Detroit Free Press from 2008)

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Rich’s background in competitive swimming.
  • Cross training between swimming and running.
  • How Rich got started in the running industry through working at the Detroit Free Press Marathon.
  • Working with Homeland Security post 9/11 as the race director of the Detroit Free Press which runs through Canada.
  • The background of Running USA and how it supports the running industry.
  • The reasons for growth in the running industry.
  • The impact of non-traditional events on the running industry (The Color Run, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, etc.)
  • The impact of millennials on the sport of running.
  • The top 2 events that Rich loves to learn from.
  • The key ingredients that makes runDisney successful.
  • Top leadership takeaways Rich implements in his races.

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