49 - Running Warm with Heat Sheets

How do you stay warm before and after your races?  If you have run a major marathon (New York, Boston, Chicago) in the past few years it was probably with a Heat Sheet.  This week we interview Chris Falk, the CEO of Heat Sheets.  Learn how the same technology used in rocket engines can keep you warm and even save your life.

Houston...we don't have a problem.


  • How Chris got involved with Heatsheets
  • Chris’ background in endurance events.
  • The Leadville 100
  • Chris’ hometown race: The Chicago Marathon.
  • How David Degan, founded the technology that started Heatsheets.
  • How flipping aHeatsheet can help keep you cool.
  • The production process of Heatsheets and its distribution.
  • The Heatsheet Cape that was used at the Boston Marathon. 
  • The introduction of a hooded film based poncho that takes up very little space.
  • How Heatsheets are being used outside of running.
  • How Heatsheets is involved with the Running USA Youth Running Initiative.