42 - Mizuno Product Testing with Zach Gray


Have you even wondered what goes into the making of your favorite running shoes?  This week we interview Mizuno's Zach Gray.  Zach is a collegiate runner and product tester for Mizuno Running.  Learn what it is like to design and test the shoes that get you to the finish line!

Also be sure to check out Zach's video review of the Wave Sayonara 3!

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Mizuno‚Äôs history and how they got into running.
  • Zach's background in playing baseball and basketball and how that lead into running.
  • How Zach got into ultra-running from his track career.
  • What the shoe development process looks like.
  • How do we find the right shoes for our feet?
  • What is a stability shoe and what type of runners need it?
  • The impact of heel strikes on our running.
  • Minimalist shoes versus Maximalist shoes.
  • The Hoka One One and Zach's thoughts on maximalist shoes.
  • Zach's recommendation for Mark and his upcoming Disney Marathon
  • The Mizuno Wave Plate and how it impacts every shoe.
  • How Mizuno keeps an innovation value.
  • What Mizuno has coming next for the marathon and trail runners.

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