44 - Ultra Mindset with Travis Macy


What kind the mind of a champion ultra runner teach you?  It turns out a lot.  Join us this week as we interview Ultramarathoner and adventure race champion Travis Macy!

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Travis multi-sport approach that helps him with running.
  • How Travis’ dad got him into distance running.
  • Travis desire for learning and how it has propelled him in the endurance sports.
  • The inspiration that Travis finds in his family.
  • How Travis balances his life.
  • How your view of money can affect your outcome.
  • How sacrifice can lead to you achieving your goals.
  • Why Travis is pursuing solo racing versus international adventure racing.
  • Vulnerability and its value.
  • The Leadman event and Travis training strategy for this epic endurance event(s).
  • Travis' advice for the first time runners on how to avoid injuries.
  • Training with polarity, how to have hard and easy runs in your training schedule.
  • The key to successful cross-training.
  • The 4:30 am rule and how to set commitments.
  • How to train your head to not give up.
  • Why people go out to fast at the start of a race.
  • Who Travis likes to learn from

Links and Resources Mentioned