5 - Chad Norris


Pastor at City Church (Greenville, SC)


  • The accountability Chad finds in running
  • Who is "The Fat Rabbit?"
  • How Chad moved from the couch to losing 16 lbs and training for a marathon
  • How running became a metaphor for Chad's life

We Go Into More Detail About

  • How Jeff Galloway (soon to be podcast guest!) helped Chad start running
  • Race Pace: "Passion of Usain Bolt and the pace of Roseanne Bar"
  • Chad's Running Playlist: Lionel Richie to Pearl Jam
  • Pudding cup race fuel strategy
  • Juicing diets
  • Norris' experience at the Chick-fil-A Half Marathon
  • Norris' running shorts
  • The story so crazy and hilarious it will be told at Chad's funeral
  • Chad's motivation for running
  • Chad's upcoming book

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