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Welcome to the Connect Run Club!  

We love that you clicked over here to learn more about us.  If you're interested in getting started running or you have been running for years and are looking for ways to improve, then you are in the right place!  This site contains the information you will need to become a better runner and #runconnected.


The #1 Way to Improve as a Runner

Since 2010 we have produced hundreds of running events and interacted with 25,000+ runners just like you.  Through it all we have learned that one things matters more than anything else:  Community

There are a lot of resources on this site to help create an online community for you (some of our favorites are below), but sometimes you just need a group of people, live and in person.  We are launching running clubs throughout the country with people that are passionate about community as well as running.  Interested in joining?  Check them out here


Learn from the Best in the Running Business

To start off we need to come clean.  We are not the foremost running experts in the world.... or the United States....or even Georgia (our home base).  We do have two experienced certified running coaches on our team, but the majority of our team are weekend warriors or beginners just like you. So we know what it's like when you pull up to a race a those skinny guys have already run 6 miles as a warm up, and you are just praying you can run 3.1.  We take this beginners approach with all the resources we produce including one our most popular resource, The Connect Run Club Podcast.

We aren't experts but we interview them.  Every 2 weeks we release a new episode with expert runners and stories of life change.  Below are few of our favorites which includes Olympians, a legendary run coach and a guy who runs a 100 miles through the world's deserts.

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Get Answers to Your Running Questions

Got a burning running question that you wish you could find an answer for?  We post on a weekly basis to our blog.  Find everything from race previews, places to run and our favorite running gear.  

We also want to answer YOUR specific question!  Say hi to Coach Trey and ask him a question on our podcast Tips with Trey

Each week in our Tips with Trey podcast, Coach Trey answer two of your questions.  A few of the most popular questions we get are answered below. Click here to listen to all the questions and even submit one yourself.  You can also subscribe on iTunes.


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As a thanks for subscribing we would also like to send you our guide 5 Mistakes Beginning Runners Make.  We work with thousands of runners through our clubs and races and see them make the same mistakes over and over. This guide will help you avoid the initial pitfall's that runners often make as they are getting started.

You're Awesome!

We want to finish off by saying that we are here for you!  We want to help you become a better runner and get connected to the incredible runners in your community. Feel free to send us an email at with any questions you have and we will do our best to help.

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