Week Seven: Easier to Show Up Together


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for joining us for our run today. Before we begin, we want to take a moment to think about why we need to #runconnected and live connected. Over the past several weeks, we’ve done this by looking at things that are hard to do alone. For the rest of our season, we’re going to turn the tables and look at things that are easier to do when we do them together.

The first thing it’s easier to do together is to show up. We’ve all experienced this in our run group. It’s not always easy for us to show up to <name your meeting place> to run on our own. But when we know our friends and the other people in our run group will be here, it’s easier to show up. We know we won’t have to run alone. We know we can find encouragement. We might even remem- ber that someone will ask us why we’re not there if we skip out. All of these reasons prompt us to show up. As a result, we run farther, and experience the power of how going farther together > faster alone.

The power of together carries over into the rest of our lives as well. It’s easier to show up when we know others will be there. No wonder the Bible tells us to stay in the habit of meeting togeth- er and encouraging each other. As you run today, tell another runner that you’re glad they’re here—and that they helped up show up today. Use these conversations to remind you of the power that together can have in all as- pects of our lives. 

 [say a brief prayer. after you pray, share any administrative details like the signup sheet. Then start the run.]


At the Run

  • By this point in your run club season, many of your runners are seeing positive changes in terms of weight or fitness level or distance they can run. This transformation provides a great starting point to begin to get a feel for anyone in your group who longs for deeper transformation in their lives—change only Christ can cause.

  • Bring up this idea of change during your run, and celebrate the change runners are seeing with them.

  • As you have conversations with runners, identify anyone who seems to hunger for spiritual change. This may be someone whose heart the Holy Spirit is stirring. 

After the Run

  • Add the following columns to your group’s Google doc:

     - Week 7 notes - Use this column to add any other details you remember. Make sure to note each person’s attendance this week.

      - Gospel Openness – Make a note of which runners seem to be open to the gospel
in the group’s Google doc. You don’t have to follow up with all of them this week, but making a note helps provide visibility into lives where the Holy Spirit is at work.

  • Pray for runners who are open to change during the week. Invite other church members in your group to do the same. 



  • Based on this week’s pre-run inspiration, take time to touch base with every runner who shows up this week to thank them for coming. Tell each one a way their presence and/or encourage- ment has helped or blessed you.

  • Encourage other church members in your group to do the same. These conversations will strengthen the bonds within your group and help motivate people to keep showing up.