Week Five: Hard to be Consistent Alone


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for joining us for this week’s run. Before we hit the start line, let’s look at another reason why we need to #runconnected. It’s a reality most runners have experienced—the difficulty of being consistent. It’s a great thing when you start a running program, and when you finish the runs that you planned to do. These are great accomplishments. But it’s another mountain to climb entirely to be consistent in running week after week after week. The truth is that it’s hard to be consistent alone—whether it’s going to be in running, or in any other part of our lives. It’s hard to stick with a diet, or with an online course, or with anything else unless someone is alongside encouraging us and holding us accountable.

We see this in the story of a king in the Bible named Uzziah. Uzziah became king at age 16, and for many years he was a great king. But then he got a crazy idea—to enter the temple to make a sacrifice to God. This was something that only priests, not kings, were supposed to do. Uzziah refused to listen to 80 priests who tried to stop him, and disobeyed God’s instructions. So God punished Uzziah severely. Years of good decisions and good actions went out the window in a moment, because Uzziah couldn’t stay consistent in following God. The fact that he was alone and even ignored other peo- ple made it worse.

We don’t have to make the mistake that Uzziah did. We can #runconnected and live connected, and gain the benefits of consistency from our connections. As a result, we can make it farther in life. As you run today, think about a time in your life when other people helped you stay consistent toward a goal. It may be a running goal, or some other goal. If you feel comfortable, share an example with another runner. These stories can help all of us remember to #runconnected so we can stay consistent. 

 [say a brief prayer. after you pray, share any administrative details like the signup sheet. Then start the run.]


At the Run

  • Make a note at the run of any new people and of which people returned from last week.

  • Get the contact information for any new people, following the pattern of last week.

  • Notice which people whom you or other church members did not know before the group started have now shown up for all five runs. If you haven’t already, try to strike up a conversation with a few of those people. 

After the Run

  • Update your group’s Google doc by adding any new people and contact information you collect.

  • Add the following columns to your group’s Google doc:

     - Week 5 notes - Use this column to add any other details you remember. Make sure to note each person’s attendance this week

      - Ways to Serve – As you update your group’s Google doc, focus on the people in the group who are new to your church. If you have observed any ways your church can serve these people, make a note in this column.


  • Make a note of what runners say about consistency, either in the Google doc or in another way. Use these insights to help you understand runners and their experiences better.

  • Look for ways to encourage consistency in your runners’ lives. Start in the running area, but also use other things you’ve learned about runners to engage these conversations.

  • As you encourage consistency, make a note of these follow-up conversations in your Google doc. This will help others with access to the doc to encourage and help runners as well.