Week Three: Hard to Keep Going Alone


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for joining us for this week’s run. Before we take off, let’s think for a moment about another reason it’s important to #runconnected and to live connected. It’s the fact that it’s hard to keep running alone. If we want to run farther, not faster, we need other people. Has this ever happened to you? You’re running alone—whether it’s in a race or in training—and you get off to a great start. You’re feeling great, when suddenly you start falling apart. Maybe you hit the infamous wall, or maybe you discover you didn’t pace yourself correctly and so you tire quickly. No matter the cause, you find it’s almost impossible to keep running on your own. In this moment, we need people with us. They can help us set a more reasonable pace. They can encourage us to keep going. They can even offer a gel pack or a sip of water to re-energize us.

The same thing happens in our lives. We get up the energy and motivation to start a project, but before long we’re finding it hard to keep going. We run into an obstacle we can’t solve on our own, or we lose the energy to keep going. Whatever the reason, we end up procrastinating or even quitting, instead of moving toward the finish line. But it’s important for us to keep going. The Bible tells us not to grow weary of doing good. We need to persist and persevere. And we need the help of other people for us to do this. 

So where are you tempted to give up today? How could someone else help you keep going? Reflect on these questions as you run, and talk about them if you feel comfortable doing so. Just talking helps us live connected—and that helps us keep going strong. 

 [say a brief prayer. after you pray, share any administrative details like the signup sheet. Then start the run.]


At the Run

  • Make a note at the run of any new people and of which people returned from last week.

  • Get the contact information for any new people, following the pattern of last week.

After the Run

  • Update your group’s Google doc by adding any new people and contact information you collect.
  • Add the following column to your group’s Google doc: 

     - Week 3 notes - Use this column to add any other details you remember. Make sure to note each person’s attendance this week. 

  • Touch base with each runner who has been with your group all three weeks. Thank these runners for plugging in and ask them how the run club can help them meet their running goals.

  • You can ask these people if they know of anyone else who should be invited to join you run group. These loyal participants will likely be eager to help the group grow. 


  • Get help adding details to your Google doc. Ask the other church members in your group to send you notes about conversations they have during the run.

  • You can even give church members access to your group’s Google doc so they can add details directly.

  • Make a note of what runners say about areas of their lives where they could use help or places in their lives where they’re tempted to quit. Do this in your group’s Google doc or in another way.

  • Pray and ask God to guide you toward any group members whom you need to contact further about their struggle. Follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting and offer to listen and/or offer help to people who are tempted to quit.