Week Eleven: Easier to See Results Together


Group Leader Speaking to Entire Group

Thanks for coming today. Before we start running, let’s examine another benefit we enjoy when we #runconnected and live connected. It’s the benefit of seeing results more easily. When we run, we don’t see the benefits right away. Benefits like weight loss or clothes fitting bet- ter or more stamina and endurance come gradually. Sometimes, we don’t realize how far we’ve come or how much we’ve achieved. But when we run with a group, other people can see the results in us and encourage us. Even more, a group that runs together will start to see results together, and people will recognize something awesome happening in the group as well as with individuals. The results are obvious.

We see a great example of this in the Bible in the book of Daniel. Daniel and three of his friends were forced to move from their homeland to the nation of Babylon. When they got there, the Bab- ylonians wanted them to take on the customs of their new land—including diet. But Daniel and his friends knew that eating what they were used to—vegetables instead of fatty meats and water instead of wine—would make them healthier, better workers. Together, the four of them ate this diet for 10 days—and the results were so amazing that the leaders got everyone else to join that plan as well.

Today, as you run, celebrate the results you see in other runners. When someone compliments you on the results they see in you, take a moment to celebrate that. And think about what other areas in your life when you’d like to see results, and how bringing someone else in your journey can help you recognize them when they come. 

 [say a brief prayer. after you pray, share any administrative details like the signup sheet. Then start the run.]


At the Run

  • Begin talking with runners in the group about whether they’d like to continue after this 12-week season wraps up. Mention your group’s plans to keep going with another season.

  • Have this conversation with all the runners in your group, but pay special attention to talking with non-church members about this. This is a key step, because it’s a great chance to maintain or even strengthen a runner’s connection to your church. 

After the Run

  • Add the following columns to your group’s Google doc:

     - Week 11 notes - Use this column to add any other details you remember. Make sure to note each person’s attendance this week

       - Another Season – Note in your group’s Google doc which runners are interested in continuing the group for your next 12 week season.

       - Future Leader - If you’ve noticed church members in your group who have really caught the vision for connecting with the community through run clubs, ask them if they’d be interested in leading a run group.

  • Pass any future leader’s name along to your club leader, and invite this person to join you at the post-season group leader meeting. 


  • Make note of what runners say about places where they want to see results in their life, either in your Google doc or in another way.

  • Take time at your run and in the week that follows to encourage runners with the results you’ve seen in their lives. This could be running-related benefits like longer distances, weight loss, etc., or results in other areas of their lives—confidence, dedication, etc.

  • Get church members to offer the same kind of affirmation to other runners.

  • As you have these affirming conversations, see if they point to ways you can continue to bond with runners outside the run club.