How to Invite Unchurched Runners

While there are many reasons that someone would want to join a Connect Run Club, we hope that one of the primary motivations for our church hosts and club members is to use this run club as a tool to help those outside of the church to find community around the gospel. Running is a unique sport that you easily do with other people. This is why we believe that the Connect run Club is a great resource for your church. Running offers a lot of time to get to know other people and difficult runs are easier when you can do them with others. Inviting unchurched runners to join your club will not only benefit your club by helping it grow, but will also provide the opportunity for some runners who may have never been exposed to the gospel to hear it for the first time. Connect Run Club offers a tangible way for members of the church to share the love of Christ and show unchurched runners they care about them. 

Recommendations to Find Runners:

  • If someone is an experience runner, try to focus on the benefits they can get from joining the run club such as gear and training plans.
  • If someone is an inexperienced runner, try to focus on the opportunity they have to take on a new challenge or make a healthy lifestyle change. 
  • Share your personal experience and ways you have benefited from joining the run club. 
  • Share how the club helps offer scheduling to organize your running activities.
  • Talk to the unchurched runners about the importance of accountability that the run club offers. 
  • Show that you care about the person by learning about hem and try to find some commonality between one another. Ask questions like: "Where do you work?", "Do you have a family?", "What do you like to do besides running?"

Second Mile Service:

  • Invite an unchurched runner to meet for a meal during the week either around town or at your home.
  • Invite an unchurched runner to join you in a regular activity that you do with a group of friends outside of church.