How to Find Runners

In order to host a Connect Run Club, one thing that you will need to run connected and build community are runners. The issue of "Where can I find runners?" is a question that some may ask. To find runners you simply need to go where runners go. You will find these people in the places that fit into the natural rhythm of their lives. Runners will be found in places that someone who cares about fitness and health would frequent. Coffee Shops. Running Stores. Fitness Centers and Gyms. Local Races. Parks and Trails. These are just a few examples of places that you can find runners in your community. We have offered some ideas on how you can find runners and invite them to join your Connect Run Club. 

Recommendations to find runners:

Fliers: Visit a local run store or fitness center/gym and ask the manager if you can leave fliers on the front counter with information about your running club and meeting times.

Water Cooler: Set up a water cooler along a local trail or park and invite people, especially those running, to join your Connect Run Club for their next run/walk. 

Community: Ask your Group or Club Leader to visit a local community meeting to spread the word about your running club.

Second Mile Service:

Coffee: Go by a local coffee shop and offer to buy 20 cups of coffee for runners or walkers that come in to visit the store. Take this opportunity to invite them to your run club.

Teachers: Send an e-mail out to teachers in your school system to spread the word about your running groups. Invite them to bring their families and share the word in their classrooms as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle.