How to Host a Group Run

Group runs are the run that you host for the members of your Connect Run Club. These are runs with your members where you engage with the run itself as well as talk about the curriculum. The runs are intended for the members of your local Run Club. These are the runners you are trying to build an intentional relationship with over the course of your group runs. Group Runs might happen once a week or more.

Before the Run:

  • Pick your group leaders and coordinate with their schedules to determine your Group Run times and days. You don't need to worry bout distance and paces for group runs. We recommend everyone go their own pace, but you might want to have a couple of distance options. We encourage everyone to start together and meet at the finish. If you are running 3-5 miles there is not a lot of waiting time for anyone.
  • Use some of the training plans on the Connect Run Club website to help your group train for a race or just run for fitness. 
  • Have the run itself scheduled on the Connect Run Club website so others know how to find your run. 
  • Pick a consistent location to ensure runners know where to go each and every run. If you schedule multiple runs during the week make sure you try to stay consistent (Example: Tuesday morning run at the track. Saturday morning meets at the church.) 
  • Pick a location that is easy to find and run from somewhere with plenty of parking. A local school, library, park, or church. 
  • Once you have your runs scheduled, chart out a handful of different courses. We recommend having 3-6 different courses to keep mixing the routes up. 
  • Have a communication strategy and plan in regards to running in bad weather. 

For the run:

  • Give detailed instructions of the course.
  • Have a sign in sheet for each runner.
  • Be prepared to quickly talk about he weekly theme at thinkabouts.
  • Think about safety. Encourage runners to keep in mind general safety measures. 
  • Run against traffic not with it.
  • Run on sidewalks when you can.
  • Use headlamps and flashers if running in the dark. 
  • Wear reflective gear. 
  • Ensure everyone is accounted for. 

After the run:

  • Wait for all runners to finish and create an atmosphere of encouragement and celebration. Fist pumps are awesome!
  • Use the social media templates and text messages to be in touch on the thinkabouts.
  • Follow up via text message or e-mail with those who missed the run. Just let them know your group missed having them and are looking forward to seeing them at the next run.
  • It is always a good ideas to remind them of the next run and congratulate them on the effort. 

Second mile service:

  • Print out maps of the runs and have at the start.
  • Use the Host Kit CRC logo and directional signs.
  • Use mile markers along the course.
  • If you know which course you plan to run ahead of time, e-mail it our to your group.
  • Name the runs. It gives the runs character.
  • Have a cooler with water at the end.
  • During the warmer months, have cold or wet rags for after the run.