Want to connect them to your church?


Find Your Runner

Do you have someone in your church that loves to run?  Are they are always talking about their long runs, PR's and crazy running shoes?  

We will start your churches local chapter through them!

Start A Local Chapter/Club

We will work 1 on 1 with your running leader to form a local chapter in your community.

We recommend that your local chapter meets once a week to train and connect!

Set A Goal

The #1 way to get people to show up is to give them a goal.  Whether it is a local 5K, 10k or half marathon we will help your group set it.

This fall we are hosting our inaugural Virtual Running Challenge.  So even if you don't have a race in your community your group can have a reason to meet!


Every time your chapter meets there are opportunities for connection as people train together and #runconnected!


We Provide you with Everything you need To Start

From marketing strategies, to training plans to an awesome online community we will provide your chapter leader with everything they need to start Connect Run Club in your community.


We know you don't need yet another program to oversee, staff and promote.  We want to work directly with the runners in your congregation and equip them with great outreach tools to help them reach your community!

How much does it cost?

Starting a local chapter is completely free to both your church and your runners.  

Our mission is to connect an many people to your local church as we can!  



Running is the fastest growing sport in the country.  Over the last 10 years running has grown 70%faster than an other sport on the country (?)


Want to live longer?  Running even 5-10 minutes a day can make you live longer (?)


Basketball, baseball and football (especially college) are great....but you've got to have a lot of stuff to do them.  Not running, which has helped to make running and walking the top activities people do on a regular basis (?)


The Connect Run Club is a Product of 

Connect Ministries

Connecting Churches to Their Communities since 2006. 


We have had the opportunity to partner with churches and Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country to produce hundreds of races for tens of thousands of runners.  We would love to partner with you.  Learn more at


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