CRCP #45: A Reason to Run with Michael Chitwood of Team World Vision


Michael Chitwood is the national director of Team World Vision, an organization that uses running to raise millions for clean water projects in Africa.  Learn in his inspirational story how Michael endured through pain and loss and finds a reason to run for something bigger than himself.

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Why Chicago is a great running cit
  • Running in the cold.
  • Michael’s running background through football.
  • How a trip to Haiti changed Michael’s entire life.
  • World Vision and the work they do aroun
  • How Michael got World Vision to hire him.
  • Team World Vision on the impact that have had on the Chicago Maratho
  • The death of Michael’s dad and the healing he found while running.
  • The transformation Michael has found physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • The discipline process of running.
  • How Michael has found the ability to endure.
  • The impact of clean water on poverty.

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