CRCP #38: Crossfit Mobility with Kelly Starrett

What can the world of Crossfit teach runners?  It turns out alot.  This week we interview Dr. Kelly Starrett the mobility and rehab expert.  Learn how to stay strong and injury free throughout your training!

Background Info

  • Co- Founder of San Francisco CrossFit with his wife Juliet Starrett
  • Founder of Mobility|WOD in 2010
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt College.
  • Clients include extreme skiers, X-Games medalists, professional dancers, military personnel, olympians, professional athletes and everyday runners.
  • Led the Men’s Whitewater Rafting Team to two national titles and two world championships
  • Author of New York Times bestseller: Supple Leopard and Ready to Run
  • Two daughters: Georgia and Caroline

We Go Into More Detail About

  • Who is Kelly Starrett?
  • How running has an impact on Crossfit.
  • What it takes to be a complete athlete.
  • Kelly’s background in running.
  • Kelly’s work with Brian MacKenzie.
  • Volume of training versus intensity.
  • Kelly’s background with multi-sport athletes growing up in Germany and whitewater slalom boater.
  • Why is technique becoming a bigger part of the running conversation.
  • Why Kelly turned his children’s school into the first all standing school.
  • Kelly’s work with MMA Champion Georges St-Pierre.
  • The best running technique fundamentals.
  • Why you should be shoe agnostic and your running technique should be the same regardless of your shoes.
  • Balancing being sore and overtraining.
  • 2 basic moves every person should be able to do.
  • How to overcome pulling your hamstring.
  • The secret group of people that Kelly wants to work with.
  • What motivates Kelly.

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