CRCP #36: Running the Atlanta Track Club with Rich Kenah

Ever wonder what is is like to be in charge of the second largest track club in the country?  We are joined by the Executive Director of the Atlanta Track Club Rich Kenah.  We dive into Rich's competitive running background as well as the future of the Atlanta Track Club!


We Go Into More Detail About

  • What it was like to become the Executive Director of the Atlanta Track Club
  • When did you get started in running?  Running as a 6 year old?  Is track something you did in high school?  Did you run cross country?
  • Did you have a favorite distance?
  • Did you have some athletes you really admired coming up?
  • Changes being made at the Atlanta Track Club?  
  • Goal of 2 olympic athletes by 2020.
  • How do you help an organization along to shift to something different?
  • Changes in the Peachtree in 2015 and how he feels about the new format.
  • Peachtree Junior
  • Atlanta 10 mile and Thanksgiving Half
  • Volunteers in Atlanta
  • What it is like being the caretaker of running community

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