CRCP Episode 3 - Mark Mullis


  • Cross Country Coach in Jefferson County for 7 years


  • Looking for ways to get your kids into running?
  • Mark’s shoes of choice
  • Mark’s specific workouts for summer base training.
  • Mark’s favorite cheat food after a race.
  • Why Mark’s favorite part of running isn’t his PR but his running community.

We Go Into More Detail About

  • The Great Debate: Is Mark Mullis the best cross country coach in NE Georgia?
  • How Mark sets small goals to motivate his Cross Country team.
  • How to stay motivated and battle the doubts of running.
  • How to do summer base training
  • The key to battling the heat and staying healthy in the summer.
  • Mark’s favorite memory from the Peachtree Road Race
  • Mark’s advice for first time runners of the Peachtree Road Race.

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