CRCP #27: Michal Kapral


  • "Joggler" (someone who combines running and juggling)
  • World Record Joggler in the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10k
  • Former World Record holder for fastest marathon pushing a baby stroller
  • Native of Toronto, Canada

We go into more Detail About

  • Which came first for Michal...juggling or running?
  • How Michal learned to juggle
  • Kapral's experience in the circus
  • How Michael qualified for the Boston Marathon
  • The origin of Michael's joggling to help charity
  • Kapral's first experience racing while joggling
  • "Don't stop, don't drop"
  • The number of times Michal drops his juggling balls in a race. 
  • Michal next big race and new world record attempt
  • How joggling has impacted and changed Kapral's life and his advice to runners

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