CRCP Episode #21: Lisa Smith-Batchen

BACKGROUND INFO: Lisa Smith-Batchen

  • Ultramarathon runner and endurance athlete
  • Completed 9 Badwater races with 2 first place finishes
  • First and only American Female to win Marathon des Sables
  • Completed the Badwater Quad to support building clean water wells
  • Has raised over $1 million dollars in charity through running
  • Featured in cover stories of the NY Times, Washington Post, & LA Times

We go into more Detail About

  • How Lisa has the privilege to look at the Grand Tetons
  • How one coach's negative criticism provided motivation for Lisa
  • Lisa's first place prize: 20 lb. turkey
  • Coaching principles that Lisa uses for her clients
  • Ways to improve and use our experiences in life to impact others

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