Where to Run: Top 10 Marathon Bucket List - #2: Boston


By: Brian Elder


  • Heartbreak Hill
  • Boston College
  • Charles River
  • John Hancock Tower
  • Commonwealth Ave.

Date/Race Schedule:

  • Monday, April 18th, 2016

Qualifying Standards:

  • AGE GROUP             MEN                     WOMEN

    18-34            3hrs 05min 00sec      3hrs 35min 00sec

    35-39            3hrs 10min 00sec     3hrs 40min 00sec

    40-44           3hrs 15min 00sec     3hrs 45min 00sec

    45-49           3hrs 25min 00sec     3hrs 55min 00sec

    50-54           3hrs 30min 00sec     4hrs 00min 00sec

    55-59            3hrs 40min 00sec     4hrs 10min 00sec

    60-64            3hrs 55min 00sec     4hrs 25min 00sec

    65-69             4hrs 10min 00sec      4hrs 40min 00sec

    70-74            4hrs 25min 00sec       4hrs 55min 00sec

    75-79            4hrs 40min 00sec      5hrs 10min 00sec

    80 and over     4hrs 55min 00sec    5hrs 25min 00sec

Via Washington Post


  • Number pickup will be located at John B. Hynes Convention Center
  • Apr 17: 2PM


  • Regisation: Lottery
  • In this race's history there have been temperatures as high as the low 70s and as low as the 20s. You can expect to run in temperatures around the high 40s to low 50s. 


  • Each runner receives a finishers medal and shirt 
  • Location of the 2013 Boston Bombings

Brian Elder is a learner, amateur explorer, and runner that is going to run until it takes him somewhere. He is a graduate from the University of Georgia where he studied English and Religion. After running competitively on trails and roads, he fuels with an appetite so big you would swear it’s competitive.  Follow Brian on Instagram.