She Runs and Writes: Spring Clothing Coverage


By: Dawn Garland

You guys know what I love?  Cake.  And not working out.  (Whoops wrong blog.  Hang on...)

You guys know what I love?  Warming temperatures and new running clothes.  Hallelujah, spring is here!  Now, don't get me wrong- cold gear is a remarkable feat of science and ingenuity.  But I am awfully tired of wearing it.  Hence my excitement at the very idea of lighter running gear.  Today's blog is dedicated purely to the sheer wonder and delight of some of my favorite company's warmer weather offerings.  I'll be making recommendations at all price points.  So, if you're on a strict budget or if you just won the lottery or you're anywhere in between, rest assured, I've got you.


I don't know what wizards are working for Academy Sports and Outdoors, but they consistently turn out some great stuff under their house brand of BCG.  These shirts are a great bet So are these

A devoted Nike fan?  This shirt is extra fun.  And this is a classic in every color you could ever want.  I do love a sleeveless shirt while I run, as well.  This one's pricey but so pretty.  

Now, if you're like me, you don't mind a shirt with some graphics or text on it.  Nothing makes me want to get out there like a fun or inspiring piece of clothing.  I am loving Under Armour's new women's campaign and this is a great shirt from that line.  Dude- don't even get me started on my love for this one.  Brooks is also making some really fun patterned shirts like this and this.


Again, major love to Academy for their running shorts.  I have many different brands and I consistently come back to these guys.  

I know most of you probably run in the Nike Tempo shorts.  And with good reason.  Nike knows what they're doing.  And look at all the new colors!!!  Good news- they also come in a printed version.

I don't know if any of you have ever tried Old Navy's running shorts, but they are surprisingly durable and comfortable.  And it's Old Navy.  So they're going to be brightly colored and cheap.  Hello win/win!  They also have compression shorts in shorter and longer lengths.  

Ohhhhhh, New Balance.  These are delightful.


I tend to wear running capris through most of the spring until it gets unbearably hot.  To me, they're just right.  These are my hands down favorites right now.  They not only wick away sweat, they're also water resistant on the outside making them great for rainy runs.  Kind of in love with these as well.

Under Armour knows heat gear.  And these are so much fun, I almost can't stand it.  Someone get me a pair in every color!!!  Or these.  Whatever.  I'm not picky.

Oh Saucony.  Well done on these.  Adorable.  You too, Adidas!  

Rain Jackets

It's shaping up to be a damp spring here in Athens.  A good lightweight rain jacket is going to be essential for me.  I am liking the look of this one with its reflective elements.  This one is super lightweight and comes in fun colors.  

Wow.  This one looks...intense.  I love the colors Brooks offers in this jacket.  And it's incredibly breathable.  

Here's a good bargain basement option for those who don't think they want to drop a ton on a jacket.  

Socks and Shoes

Now, everyone has their favorite brand of running socks and shoes.  Far be it from me to try to convince anyone to try something new in that arena.  I will say this- my favorite running socks are Thorlos.  And I am highly interested in trying this new line of running socks.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  

As for shoes, I am a Brooks devotee through and through.  So, when I got the email advertising their new Kaleidoscope line, I nearly keeled over from sheer joy.  Perhaps my reward for surviving the Chick Fil A Half Marathon this coming weekend will be a new pair of those...

To sum up kids- the weather is finally starting to feel more like it should.  So put away anything that you had to layer and enjoy bright colors and lighter fabrics.  Also remember that you can get some really good steals on clothes and gear at sites like or Sierra Trading Post.  Don't forget sample sites like Zulily and Rue La La also regularly have fantastic sales on big name brands.  

The next time you hear from me, I will be on the other side of the CFA Half.  Can't wait to share that experience with you guys.  Until then, run on...

Dawn Garland is a native of Tampa, FL. She reads, she writes, she knits and does not believe that any college football conference can live up to the SEC. Dawn works at the University of Georgia as an analyst/consultant and her biggest accomplishment in life so far is the walking, talking sports almanac that is her eight year old son.