Book Review: My Life on The Run by Bart Yasso

By: Brian Elder

One of my favorite things about the running community is the expansive research and studies that go into improving our sport. While the science in these studies seems to come and go every other week (be on the lookout in an upcoming podcast for the answer on "the new kale"), biographies and stories of runners continue to stay. Bart Yasso, one of the first guests we were lucky enough to have join us on the Connect Run Club Podcast shared his struggles and accomplishments in life and how running changed the course of his life. Bart was kind enough to send us a copy of his book: "My Life on the Run" and after reading it here are my thoughts:

When you are trying to decide what running biography you want to read, it is hard to pick a more intriguing story than someone dubbed the "Mayor of Running!" How do you even get that title anyway? You would assume someone gave themselves that name or paid a lot of money for it, but when you read the opening foreword by Amby Burfoot in "My Life on the Run", you can begin to gain an appreciation for how highly regarded Bart Yasso is in the running community.

His name carries a weight and respect that people notice. So what has Yasso done to earn this kind of recognition? The better question is probably: "What has Yasso not done to earn this kind of recognition?" He has biked solo across the country not once, but twice. He has run one of the most difficult races in the country at Badwater, climbing from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney. He has run a marathon on every continent. Need I say more? Yasso has lived running adventures that many people cannot begin to comprehend and his enthusiasm for the sport exudes off the pages. 

Whether it is taking "Barties" with people he meets with to run or showing up at a race expo, Yasso understands the importance of running community. In this book, you can see how he caught the running bug like so many of us have and has used it to not only earn a living, but live a full and joyful life. If I was able to influence and impact half of the runners Yasso has in a lifetime it would be considered a success. I only have high recommendations for his book because you will find yourself refreshed at his passion and astounded at his accomplishments, finding it hard to even believe many of the running experiences to be true. 

Brian Elder is a learner, amateur explorer, and runner that is going to run until it takes him somewhere. He is a graduate from the University of Georgia where he studied English and Religion. After running competitively on trails and roads, he fuels with an appetite so big you would swear it’s competitive.  Follow Brian on Instagram.