Where to Run: Olde Rope Mill Park

By: Brian Elder

As we continue our "Where to Run" series we wanted to tell you all about an incredible park to run in just outside of Atlanta. If you love to run on trails then this park with a series of trails is the perfect place for you. Located in Woodstock, Georgia (690 Rope Mill Road, Woodstock, GA 30188), Olde Rope Mill Park is a great location for any runner to explore. There is a covered pavilion if you need a place to sit under and stretch after a run and a grill if you want to come spend some time with your family for the day. 

As you enter Olde Rope Mill Park there are only two smaller lower parking lots that each hold about 10 vehicles. On a day when the weather and conditions outside are nice, I recommend arriving early because it could be difficult to find parking near the trails. If parking is full in the lower lots, a gravel parking lot is located about .25 miles above the main lower parking lots and you can walk along the road to the park entrance. As you are deciding where to run in the park, there are two main trails that you can chose between, the avalanche and the explorer trails. If you choose to take the right path this leads to the Avalanche trails, there is roughly half a mile of paved bath that you can ride bikes on along the river until it dead ends into a dirt trail full of roots and rocks at the start. If you take a sharp right and steep turn this will lead you to the blue section of the avalanche trails. While there are some steep sections in these trails, they are definitely navigable for any novice runner. The rolling hills in these trails offer a nice challenge for a four to eight mile workout. If you choose to take the left path to the explorer trails, your challenge will be easier and the mileage will be less. The best thing about these trails is that they are stacked and you can easily add more mileage on a run without having to run the entire loop again and risk tiring out in the middle of the trails. 

If you need any further direction we have provided a trail map below. After personally running on these trails I am not certain that the marked distances on the maps below are correct, but they are a rough estimate. When I mapped them out for a certified trail race course, the actual trails were a little longer (.25-.5 miles) than the distances measured on the trail map below. Regardless of the distance, the markers (indicated in green on the map below and on the trails) were helpful while trying to navigate and learn my way around the trails. I highly recommend and urge you to try to get in a one of your mid week runs here if you are in the area. 

Trail Map of Old Rope Mill Park

Brian Elder is a learner, amateur explorer, and runner that is going to run until it takes him somewhere. He is a graduate from the University of Georgia where he studied English and Religion. After running competitively on trails and roads, he fuels with an appetite so big you would swear it’s competitive.  Follow Brian on Instagram.