Training for the Disney Marathon - Part 6 -Buy it or Bring it

Join Trey Brush on a 20 part weekly journey as he previews one of the best marathon's in the world, the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 11th, 2015!  He will share his current training as well as his past experience from the great event.  To find all his past posts please click here!

Buy it or Bring it?  Essentially this is a packing list.  Just in case it is helpful for you, I have provided some ideas of things to bring and other items you could just buy while you are there.  It's your choice, but I am just giving my suggestions.  One thing I will say is that it will probably be at the Expo!  If you forget something, I can assure you that you should be able to find it at the Expo.

One thing I would add is to plan ahead of time.  What are the things you don't want to chance?  What are the items you have to have?  Hopefully this list might be helpful for you.  If you plan to dress like Mr Incredible, you should probably bring it!  If you plan to run with a Goofy hat you can just buy it.  I have seen both and much more!

What you could buy:

  • Gels, Gu, Sportsbeans and others
  • Hydration drinks
  • Powder mixes for hydration
  • Water
  • Gear- maybe not for the race but plenty of clothes at the expo
  • Body Glide or similar
  • Water bottles or hydration devices
  • Souvenirs- From head to toe you can get covered

What you could bring:

  • Running shoes (Bring extras)
  • Socks
  • Recovery gear
  • Powder
  • Tissues or hanky
  • Shoe laces
  • Race Confirmation
  • Race Waiver
  • Gym bag
  • Pre-race food
  • Lip balm
  • Watch of GPS device
  • Towel
  • Cap or visor
  • Gloves
  • Garbage bag (Could be cold and nice to have)
  • First aid
  • Compression gear
  • Tights
  • Shorts
  • Shirts- Be prepared for hot and cold
  • Sunblock
  • Throw away clothing- (You can bring stuff you don’t need or buy at a thrift store.  If it is cold you will be thankful)
  • Sunglasses
  • Large ziplock bags  (I use to keep my race gear together)
  • Blister care
  • Medical tape
  • Extra safety pins just in case
  • Sport bra for you ladies
  • Rain jacket

Back to the course…

13.1 runners, let’s finish this race!

Last time, we just hit mile marker #11.  You know you are getting closer because you begin to see Epcot and the big ball (Spaceship Earth)

Mile #12

Once you pass mile #11 you have a chance to grab some water and you will make a sharp turn towards home.  I am sorry to say it, but you will hit another overpass, just remember you are almost done!  Once you hit the top of the overpass you will get a nice boost.  Feast your eyes on what lies ahead of you.  You begin see a stream of runners headed for Epcot.  With each step closer you see more and more fans cheering for you to get to the finish.  Look for me!  I will be there cheering for my family running the 13.1.  While you are still in the Epcot Parking lot you will see the beautiful sign for Mile #12!


Finish this race! It is pretty simple from this point on.  You will follow the crowd into a service entrance of Epcot and enter into the park close to Spaceship Earth.  There is a little bit of an incline as you get there, but it might feel like a mountain at this point.  You begin to see runners coming back your way.  All you have to do is go to the front of the World Showcase Pavilion, turn around and head for home.  Enjoy this incredible journey that is left.  From cheering fans, cast members and last minute surprises as you exit the park.  I refuse to spoil too much here.  As you come around the corner the crowds will be packed in cheering, it might be overwhelming.  Good luck trying to not get emotional here.  Enjoy the finish of the 13.1!  One of the amazing things about the finish line is that it means something different to everybody.  Everybody has a story.  Everybody had to overcome injuries or difficult circumstances to get there.  I would love to hear your story!  If you plan to RunDisney, please let us know.

You have done it 13.1 runners!

Next up….Jeff Galloway and Disney and we continue the marathon course preview