Product Review: SPIbelt

Recently we had the pleasure to test out an item that we found a few runners at the Chick-fil-A Race Series wearing. Whenever we see a new running gadget we are naturally curious so we asked when we didn't know about the elastic running belt. The answer we found was SPI Belt. SPI is an acronym for Small Personal Item and that is exactly what this running belt carries. If you have any small personal items that need to be carried while on the run, this belt is a great option. 

Here are some of our thoughts below:

  • The elastic waistband looks sleek and is extremely functional. It has the SPIbelt name printed on the outside and looks great.
  • The buckle on the back of the belt provides a secure fit that is easy for any runner to take on and off when needed. 
  • The pocket is extremely small. The good thing is it't only small when you do not have something in the pocket. As soon as you need to fit something in the pocket, it expands to fit most any object you might need on a run. It can carry a phone, car keys, even snacks such as gels or an apple. 
  • The SPIbelt is also comfortable. The elastic fits comfortably around the waist and does not ride up like many other running belts do while you run. When we tested the product on the run the belt held well around our waist. 
  • The material that the pocket is made from is comfortable. Even if we had something pointed like car keys in the pocket, the cushioned material from the pocket allowed comfort during the run. 
  • If you do not like the orange color belt in the video (which is great for visibility running at night), there are plenty of color options and combinations to choose from. There are differences in the color of the pockets and even the zippers on the pockets for a belt with multiple colors.