Ultimate Direction Fast Draw 20

We recently had the privilege to test another product from Ultimate Direction and our first handheld water bottle. Once again the attention to detail is clearly visible in the products from our friends at Ultimate Direction which helps them to make the best hydration products for runners. The Fast Draw 20 tested great on our runs and throughout the day hydrating in the office. Below are our thoughts and our first product review video! Check out website and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more in the future!


The common theme of the Ultimate Direction products we have tested is attention to detail and the lid of this handheld water bottle is a great example. The lid has a plastic loop which allows the bottle to be held with nothing more than a finger or to be easily attached to a belt loop if you’re hiking or walking. Along with the convenient plastic loop, the mouthpiece is unique. Made of rubber, this mouthpiece is pulled up to open the flow of water and pushed down to close.


Our favorite part of this bottle is the handheld feature because it is simple and lightweight. It is clear that Ultimate Direction’s goal is to keep the Fast Draw 20 lightweight so that you can focus on the run and not be concerned with the weight of the bottle. The lightweight mesh is durable and provides a comfortable feel. On the inside of the bottle there is a pocket large enough for a credit card, money, or a car key while the outside has an adjustable hand strap to allow you to determine how tight you would like the bottle to fit on your hand.  The customizable color for the bottle is found in this section of the bottle.


There are a lot of great things about the plastic bottle, but overall it is pretty standard. Not necessarily a bad thing though. If it works, why change it? Machine washable and made of a light plastic to reduce weight this is a good bottle for a handheld running bottle. The majority of the weight will be from the water that you put into the 20 oz. bottle that weighs 3.5 oz.  

Ultimate Direction: