Take Running with You

Running in Redwood National Forest

By: Brian Elder

Running often is overshadowed by other sports

There are many sports that are prominent today. The World Cup recently finished, baseball is moving towards the playoffs, and football has now begun, but one sport has grown faster than any other. Running has grown by 70% over the last ten years! There are plenty of reasons to explain this growth such as the incredible atmosphere and communities that surround and support the sport, but there is one thing that truly separates running from the others.


You can take running anywhere! You don't need rules, a ball, or fancy equipment. That’s what makes it special. All you need are some shoes and clothes and you’re ready to run. It is the simplest of all sports.

It’s hard to describe, but there is something natural about running. It’s therapeutic. It’s refreshing, rewarding and satisfying. It's simple. 

The past two weeks I have had the chance to take running with me and use the simplicity to my advantage. Put it into practice. From the streets of San Francisco to the trails of Redwoods Forest and to Heyward Field in Eugene. Through the arches in Utah to the Mountains of Colorado and back home to Georgia. You learn a lot about yourself (and the other person) when you take a road trip across the country with your sister. Although a busy road trip makes training for Boston more difficult to schedule, it doesn't take away from the simplicity of starting a run with nothing more than shoes, clothes and the road in front of you.

I want to continue to take running wherever I go. Not only with me through the places I travel, but as I grow older. Running is a lifelong sport and when I see someone who has carried the sport through countless miles and years, I want to join and fulfill this same obligation.

Brian Elder is a learner, traveler, and nomadic runner that is going to run until it takes him somewhere remarkable. He is a senior at the University of Georgia studying English and Religion.  After running competitively on trails and roads, he fuels through an appetite so big you would swear it’s competitive.  Follow Brian's training  on Instagram.