Product Review: Hydrapak Softflask (350ml)

The sports hydration company Hydrapak is one step above the competition and we have been lucky enough to get to test some of their products in the past few weeks. The products have been great keeping us hydrated in the office throughout the day and while running and biking. One water bottle that we have tested is the Softflask.


Like the other products we have tested from Hydrapak, our favorite thing is the cap used on the Softflask hydration bottle. This cap has numerous features to set it above other soft collapsible bladder bottles. The first feature you notice is the dust cover. Easily removable, the dust cover keeps the silicon valve clean and free from dirt and grime. The 42mm wide screw cap also features a twist on and off valve to ensure liquid escapes only when you desire. The cap ensures a no leak seal when transported. When you are ready to drink the soft silicone bite valve offers a flow rate that was better than we anticipated.


You can’t mention this water bottle without talking about the thing that makes it different from a normal bottle. With the collapsible walls made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) this bottle is elastic, transparent, resistant, and strong. The walls are .4mm thick to keep the product strong and durable while remaining flexible. The Hydrapak Softflask water bottle even remains dishwasher safe.


In the past few years, collapsible water bottles have become more popular because they offer an easy solution to carrying a bottle. This bottle is perfect for hiking or any occasion when you need something easy to store. If you know you wont be able to carry a water bottle around all day this is a great option because it collapses as you drink and can store easily in your pocket once you are done drinking. The finger loop attachment allows for it to be carried easily or hooked to something.

Dimensions/ Color:

3 sizes (350ml, 500ml, 750ml)

3 colors (smoke/gray, orange, white/blue)


At a price of 18.99 some may be hesitant to spend this on a water bottle which is understandable, but if you need a hydration bottle that is as flexible as your busy schedule or you need a bottle that can be stored quickly in your pocket it will be worth the money you spend. With a lifetime warranty on this product the purchase is a no-brainer.