Product Review: Hydrapak Wooly Insulated Bottle

The sports hydration company Hydrapak is one step above the competition and we have been lucky enough to get to test some of their products in the past few weeks. The products have been great keeping us hydrated in the office throughout the day and while running, biking, and hiking. One water bottle that we have tested is the Wooly Insulated Water Bottle.


One thing that sets this insulated water bottle apart from its competition is that it uses a layer of Primaloft between a double walled Resilium bottle. This allows your drinks to stay ice cold for hours to keep you cool and refreshed when you need it most. When we say this water bottle is insulated, we mean it! If you wanted, you could even keep hot/warm drinks in this bottle for hours too.

Mammoth Valve:

Along with the incredible double insulated walls, the feature we notice the most about this bottle is the wide mouth Mammoth valve. Compared to other water bottles we have tested the valve on the cap is noticeably bigger allowing your liquid of choice to flow much easier and faster. Its practically a rushing river into your mouth. Fantastic. 


This bottle is perfect if you enjoy biking or any other outdoor activity to keep drinks cool. If you need a bottle to sip on throughout the day and don’t want to keep refilling your bottle with ice every hour to make sure it stays cold then this is also a great option. It is extremely lightweight (4.5 oz) and flexible which would normally concern us with its durability, but this bottle shows no signs that worry us. Not to mention it is also dishwasher and freezer safe. Available in 2 sizes (21 and 25 oz) and in 4 different colors (black/silver, red/silver, blue/silver, green/silver) there are plenty of options to choose the bottle that fits you best!


At a price of $10.99 this is a great deal that will be worth your purchase. You will want to use the Wooly Insulated Bottle both throughout the day and during activity! Go check it out and get one for yourself at the sites below!