Product Review: Ultimate Direction Access10 Water Belt

The past few weeks we have had the great opportunity to test out a few of the great hydration solutions for runners from Ultimate Direction’s Runners Collection. The first product we tested was the Access 10 hydration belt that is designed for longer runs. Check out our thoughts on the the product!

Weight/Comfort: The first major concern with hydration belts among runners is the weight and comfort of the belt. If a hydration belt holds you back while running, the benefits of the belt take away from the benefits of your run. We quickly learned this was not a concern with the Access 10! The Access 10 at 4oz. is made with extremely light materials to keep comfortable around the waist. The belt is practical as it shifts and moves very little allowing you to maintain a pace as if you were not wearing it.

Water Bottle: The water bottle is the most important feature of any hydration belt and just like the rest of the belt, the water bottle and holster are made from lightweight materials. The first thing we notice is that the plastic of the bottle is thin to keep the belt portable. If you are not carrying anything in the pocket of the belt and the water bottle is completely full, the balance of the belt can take a few minutes to become acquainted with on the run, but if you carry something in the pocket while also holding water then the weight balance is not a concern. The shape of the bottle is also intentionally designed as the top is angled to allow for easy access on the run. The angled nozzle of the bottle is very secure, but if you try to run with the nozzle open water can escape. From testing different levels we found keeping the 10z. bottle 3/4 full was the best amount for carrying and drinking on the run. The best feature around the bottle is the elastic strap that secures the bottle’s angled top in place so that it stays secure as you move.

Pocket: The front pocket was a consensus favorite on the Access 10! It really is the perfect size! The pocket is large enough for you to pack fuel such as GU or snacks to eat on long training runs. Running with a phone can be irritating and also puts it at risk of being dropped or wet from sweat or water.  The pocket completely removes this concern as it is large enough to hold any cell phone. When I run one major fear is attempting to hide my car keys, but the pocket removed this stress. When I finished running with the belt, I began to search for my keys out of habit only to realize the pocket had solved the issue already! The wicking mesh is also a major plus to pull away sweat on long runs.

Overall: The Access 10 comes at a price of $29.95 and is available in three different colors (Black, Acid, Teal). If you need a solution to hold or carry anything on a run from your phone, keys, water, or fuel then this is a great option. While all belts move to some degree because of the up and down motion of running, this belt remains extremely stable when tightened properly around your waist. When a hydration backpack is too much for you on a run, this hydration belt is a great option to minimize weight and allow you to carry the products you need.  We tested it on runs from long to tempo and we were surprised that even on a tempo run the belt did not hold us back. We can see the intentionality and care placed into the design to solve even the little problems you can face on a run and this attention to detail is what allows us to endorse this product with confidence! Buy one. Test it out. Then leave your thoughts in a review on websites where Ultimate Direction products are sold for the Access 10 hydration belt!

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