Saturday Selected Links

Each week we want you to know what we have been reading and researching. Whether it be an article on an upcoming race, running tips, or new shoe model we want to share what we are learning at Connect Run Club. We provide the link and you provide the comments and likes on what we post! Get out and get running!

Saturday Selected Links (6/28/14)

1.  When you think of a sport with a home-field advantage you often think of football or basketball, but running also can offer this advantage. Here is an intriguing article that explores a unique race in the Himalayan Mountains where Himalayan runners have an advantage due to their experience of running at higher altitudes.

2. The summer is a time where runners have the chance to get in more miles than they are able to the rest of the year. Summer offers vacations, breaks from school, and longer hours of daylight to get in those extra few miles each day and week. This article offers some motivation to put in the extra work now to build a base that will help sustain you in the future as race season arrives in the fall.

3. Confidence is one of the most important parts of life. Confident is also essential to running. If you think you are able to do something then the likelihood of achieving your goal is much greater. This article explores the difference that a confident mind can create in training to run a better race.

4. Many people use the time they spend running as a form of stress relief to get their mind off the things that have happened the rest of the day and understandably so, but if you are looking to perform at a high level this might not be the best approach. Try focusing on your body while you run. It might be the difference between feeling good and bad on a run this week.

5. Organizing a race offers many challenges. You must receive permits, work with police and city officials, while getting enough people to volunteer to operate a successful event. While the sport of running is becoming increasingly popular, some cities have begun to meet to limit the amount of races that can be held in a city. Dive into the debate in the article and comments below!

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