Saturday Selected Links

Each week we want you to know what we have been reading and researching. Whether it be an article on an upcoming race, running tips, or new shoe model we want to share what we are learning at Connect Run Club. We provide the link and you provide the comments and likes on what we post! Get out and get running!

Saturday Selected Links (6/21/14)

1. To start the Saturday Links off on the right foot we thought we would give you an article about people racing horses...yes you heard right! Click on the link to read about the historic race!

2. Running a marathon is a humerous concept to many people. The thought that goes through many people's minds: "I mean, who really wants to run 26 miles AND pay to do it! That's CRAZY!" This satirical cartoon captures a hysterical perspective on the marathon. 

3. As the World Cup is ongoing, people are doing research to make it sound like they follow soccer throughout the year and have a favorite team or player (we all know they are faking it). People rave about Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo. This thought-provoking article raises the question of why professional runners do not receive the same recognition as professional athletes in other sports.

4. What is the difference between men and women in running? This clean and crisply designed graphic shows a wide variety of intriguing statistics on the differences between genders in running.

5. The Boston Marathon is one of the greatest spectacles in sports. It is more than a race, it is an event and time of celebration. The competitive registration process for the 2015 Boston Marathon is soon to open. To find out all of the details for the upcoming race, click on the link below.


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