Walking or Falling


by - Mark Lamb


There is a difference between falling and walking. I know it isn't strongly debated. It should be fairly easy to distinguish the difference when someone is falling versus when they are walking. Some people do their best to mask when they are falling. 

When someone falls, it always gathers attention.

Sometimes we think the person is stupid that fell. How did they not see what caused them to fall?

Sometimes it is funny when a person falls. As long as they don't get hurt.

Almost every time, the fall is a surprise. It's a shock to everyone.

And every time, a fall gathers reactions.

But walking is different.

Walking is a calculated move in a direction. In most cases, we walk with our head where we can see and predict the next step. Walking provides us a place where we can play defense if needed. Walking is simple and smooth. No one has really ever questioned us for walking, but falling always comes as a surprise and gathers reactions.

I have never heard someone say, "Then I walked into love…"

What you hear is, "And then I fell in love…"

What if love is like jumping into a pool more than a calculate normal move?

Jumping in not knowing how deep it is.

Not knowing the waters temperature.

Not knowing whether it is electrified.

Not knowing if you know how to swim.

Not sure who has swam there before.

Not sure if you will like it.

Not sure if you have the endurance to keep swimming. 

Not knowing, but still jumping, because you fell.

What if love is like falling? Am I walking or falling? 

Mark is a creative, an instigator, and humorist living in Athens, GA. He has served with Connect Ministries as the leader of the WinShape Camps Experience Team for sometime. He is a reluctant runner-- only running with others because he always quits and sides with snacks when fronted with running alone. Mark likes to call himself a "marathoner" since he completed one.  Follow Mark on twitter @marktlamb