Secret Stretcher


by: Mark Lamb

This started for me a few years ago. I know it is purely ego, but regardless, it has become a part of my life.

All through college I could run out of my dorm and join any pick up game. No physical limitations, and definitely no need to stretch. I could play for hours without being sore the following day. But something happened when I got my diploma- it came with the gift of stretching.

And when you are in your twenties-- stretching is embarrassing. Especially if you are playing against people that still haven't walked across the stage to receive their degree for stretching. So, being nearly 30 with the need for intense stretching only grows. If you are anything like me, you want to maintain the appearance of youth, especially on the court, for as long as you can, therefore you can't appear to need to stretch.  I have developed several stretching strategies. 

PreStretch- This is the easiest-- stretch for the right amount of time in your car before you go into the gym. Maybe even hit behind some shrubs. And right before the game is to begin, run into the gym. If you are a little winded, let the people know you decided to go for a run before the game.

Water Fountain Lower Back- When you choose your water fountain, go for the lower of the two. Keep your legs strait and bend over for water. It's like standing to touch your toes, only you get water too.

Long Shoe Tie- SItting on the floor, which has multiple benefits, act like you are making sure your shoes are tight. But this quickly becomes sit and reach. Plus you are getting to sit down.

Net Hang- Like any kid that can't touch the rim, pulling yourself up on the net is a great way to make it to the rim. But with the need for a full core stretch, grab the bottom of the net and just hang.

Blame it on the Bathroom- Blame it on the food you had the night before, but if you are in need of a serious stretch, sprint to the bathroom and stay as long as you like. Bad food can buy you as much time as you need.

How do you stretch? Let us know in the comments below!

Mark is a creative, an instigator, and humorist living in Athens, GA. He has served with Connect Ministries as the leader of the WinShape Camps Experience Team for sometime. He is a reluctant runner-- only running with others because he always quits and sides with snacks when fronted with running alone. Mark likes to call himself a "marathoner" since he completed one.  Follow Mark on twitter @marktlamb