Product Review: Swiftwick Running Socks

We were recently lucky enough to test out a few other pairs of running socks from Swiftwick. Although Swiftwick is best known among runners as a company that makes compression socks, we were able to test some of their standard running socks, the aspire zero. After testing them for over a month on the run, we have provided our thoughts and feedback on the product below. 

Swiftwick Does More Than Compression Socks?

When we first heard about Swiftwick we had some prior knowledge from many of our races that we both have hosted and run ourselves. It's hard to miss a runner who is wearing bright lime green or pink running compression socks up to their knees and we began to notice that many of them were made by Swiftwick. When we were able to get in touch with Swiftwick it was a pleasure to discover that they do more than just compression socks and they do more at an extremely high level of quality. They even sell socks for sports like basketball, soccer, triathlons, and even fishing! 

Needle Count

The best thing about Swiftwick's socks is the quality with which they are made . The higher the needle count in a sock, the stronger and tighter the knit of the sock is woven. Swiftwick's performance line of socks is made with a 200 needle count, the highest density possible in a sock. This ensures that the sock remains strong and durable over time when it takes a pounding from the miles you run on your feet. So if you struggle to pay over ten dollars for a pair of socks, these will be worth the money you spend over time. Because these socks are woven so tight, we noticed that it is even difficult for something such as a rock or piece of gravel to cause discomfort if it falls into your shoe. 

The Fit

Along with the high needle count to ensure the durability of the sock, we really just have to say how comfortable these socks are! They are soft. They are snug. They don't slide. They are perfect for running. Swiftwick consistently says that once you wear one of their socks you won't want to wear another and these socks fit so well that we understood exactly what they were saying. These ankle socks fit snug throughout the mid foot and toe box. The sock is also seamless ensuring that blisters never arise during a run. Around the ankle, just above the tongue and collar, the tight fit prevents anything from going into the sock to cause discomfort. 

Sock Club

Another cool thing that we love about Swiftwick is that since their socks are made in the United States, they are able to customize them to create extremely unique designs that companies abroad would not be able to create fast enough for production. For example, if you're running in a Thanksgiving day race at the end of the month you can check out their crew running socks complete with a festive turkey just above the ankle. We wouldn't be surprised to also see some festive Christmas running socks for the month of December! If you're looking to run off some of the extra food you will eat during the holidays, why not be festive and get a pair of these?