Product Review: The Sprinter Stick

One of our favorite things about a long run or hard workout is coming home and getting to use The Stick. Our friends from the makers of The Stick were kind enough to send us one of their Sprinter Sticks to test out over the span of a couple months to see how it could help us recover!

Here are our thoughts...


  • The entire purpose of the Sprinter Stick is to offer recovery to sore and aching muscles and it does just that! After going on some longer runs there were moments when hamstrings were tight and calves were sore. The Stick helped speed and aid the recovery process! Those knots you feel in your muscles are rolled away and their slogan "toothbrush for your muscles" was finally understood as it makes your aching muscles feel clean and new again. 

The Spindles:

  • One thing that differentiates the Sprinter Stick from a lot of other massage rollers is the use of plastic rings or spindles on the massaging portion of the stick. You can notice the movment of the spindles in the video above as the hand runs along them. Some of us who tested it really enjoyed the plastic spindles because it creates an uneven surface pressure on your muscles and offers some pressure variation on your muscles. Others preferred a more solid rolling surface. One question we had was about the durability and longevity of the plastic spindles in comparison to a foam rolling surface, but we were assured that it has never has been an issue with any of their customers. 


  • This Sprinter Stick is a stiff and firm massage stick which is great because it allows you to be able to determine the exact amount of pressure you want to apply to your muscles. Because this is a firm stick it allows you to have deeper tissue massages than you would with a more flexible stick. While the Sprinter Stick is firm, there is still some flexibility to allow certain areas to receive more pressure than others. 


  • The best thing about the Sprinter Stick is that at 19 inches long is a great tool for any runner on the road. It stows easily in almost any bag and is great when your muscles are tight on a long car ride. If you are traveling to a marathon or half marathon event, the Sprinter Stick is a must for you to help your muscles recover after the race. 


  • One of the greatest thing about The Stick massage sticks is that there is such incredible variety. Short, medium and long sticks. Firm, flexible, and standard. Their is a choice that can fit your needs. Visit their website for the chance to purchase your own!

Free Shipping and Limited Warranty: 

  • The Stick offers free shipping along with a great warranty (30 Day unconditional warranty; 90 Day warranty for defects or breakage.)