Product Review: Tiger Tail

Out of all the massage rollers that we have tested and that have been used around our office, the highest quality massage rollers have been made by Tiger Tail. When top athletes such Ryan Hall (US marathoner), Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls Point Guard), and the New York Yankees use this, you know that it is one of the best massage tools available. So what is it about the Tiger Tail that separates it from the competition? Below we have listed our thoughts on how Tiger Tail is seeking to make muscles happier everywhere. 

Cushioned Foam Cover

The first thing that distinguishes tiger tail from other massage rollers is its non-porous, cushioned foam. This foam allows for a cushioned yet firm feel to work out stiffness and knots in muscles across your legs, neck, back, calves, and even feet. The level and solid cushioned foam roller also allows for an even roll on your muscles so that you can easily adjust the pressure in different areas. The even surface reaches the deepest knots in your muscles when you are able to relax and not contract your muscles. 

Easy to Clean

Another feature that we love is the material that the tiger tail is made from. Over time, some foam rollers can be difficult to clean. They get dirty and nasty which can quickly smell bad and make you want to throw the thing away entirely. Because the foam cover is non-porous, it is easier to clean than many other plastic rollers. You never have to worry about this foam absorbing any sweat or moisture after use or when cleaning. To clean, simply take an anti-bacterial cloth and wipe it down after each post workout to keep the roller free from post run dirt and grime. Easily to clean and easy to use. 

Muscle Recovery

The most important thing about the tiger tail and the entire purpose for using it is the muscle recovery that it offers. The tiger tail is proven and recommended by therapists and athletic trainers everywhere because of the increased recovery it offers to users. When we tested the tiger tail after long runs on weekends and a few tempo workouts during the week, the tiger tail sped recovery and left aching muscles feeling refreshed the next day when we expected to be fatigued. We simply applied enough pressure and rolled the knots out in a few repeated sets. You can easily use both hands to apply pressure, with the thumb tool, but for some harder to reach places like your shoulders and neck you can stabilize it against the wall with the cushioned handles that won't slip. 


Along with 'The Classic,' an 18 inch massage stick and the Tiger Tail best seller that we tested, there are plenty of other products to fit your style. Are you someone who travels and needs something on the go? The Roadster or The Runabout are great options. Feeling tense from pressure at work during the day? The Knotty Tiger is a great way to work out those knots from stress. Know someone with longer legs or broader shoulders that needs a good gift? The Long One is a 22 inch massage roller that would be a great option.  

Tiger Tail Team

Another thing that is important to us is the people we work with for our product reviews. Tiger Tail have been supportive and patient throughout the entire process, willing to answer any questions along the way. We experienced this from the incredible customer service to their website ( with tons of articles featuring how to properly use the tiger tail massage roller for the best possible results. The articles discuss methods of using the roller to increase the speed of recovery as well as talking in detail about trigger points within muscles that can be focused on to roll out knots. Tiger tail is an incredible company that is helping to change the sport of running by making muscles happy. If you want happy muscles, make sure to buy yours today!