Product Review: Thorlos Socks

There are a lot of different running socks on the market, but one that is truly unique are Thorlos socks. They have some incredible offers to runners and they believe in the products they make. That's why they are able to offer you your first pair of Thorlos socks for free! They know that once you try out their socks you will be hooked and return for more. Below are some of the socks we were lucky enough to test and our overall thoughts on their products. 

Socks models we tested: 

  • 84N Runner Women micro mini crew 
  • J unisex rolltop
  • TRMX unisex trail running socks 
  • XJ unisex crew 
  • 84 Runner mens micro mini-crew
  • XCCU unisex micro mini-crew w/ coolmax
  • LRCW womens micro mini-crew w/ coolmax


The first thing we noticed about Thorlos socks in general was the thickness. Most runners know that running socks are usually extremely thin to limit rubbing on the feet to prevent blisters from forming. Thorlos socks are different because they are designed to be thick for added foot protection. One thing we noticed was that our feet actually sweated more from wearing the socks at first because we were not accustomed to the added thickness. After a few runs in the socks, this began to change and our feet began to sweat less once we knew the feel. With winter months approaching we are excited about wearing these socks because the added thickness will offer some extra warmth, but in the summer we still prefer thin socks. 


Thorlos prides themselves on creating a sock that protects the foot. Just by visiting their website it is clear that they want their socks to protect a runner's feet. While our initial impressions noticed the sock's thickness, once we began to run the padding and support became apparent. The extra padding offers a smoother feel that you do not get from the thin material of a normal running sock. The pounding your feet take on a long run can make your feet sore and aching over time, but the added protection from the supported pads helped limit this feeling. The extra padding has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the risk and effects of plantar fasciitis, blisters, callouses, and general foot pain. The padding was a major plus. 

Sock Variety:

Thorlos variety is also something that stands out. They not only offer socks for runners, but also hikers, walkers, tennis players, and almost any athlete. If you know someone who loves to stay physically fit and active, Thorlos has something to fill their needs (especially since Christmas is fast approaching!).  

Free Offer:

Out of all the companies we have worked with so far for our product reviews, Thorlos has been one of our favorites because of the incredible support at every level of customer service. The coolest way they show their concern not only for their products, but their customers is their free sock offer! Because they believe in their product so much and want to help runners be able to run pain free, they offer anyone their first pair of Thorlos socks for free! Check out this incredible offer below and we can assure you that you will return again to Thorlos for more running socks.

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